When Twitter decided to get serious about business they did what one would expect of a company that wanted to make it easy to do business with them, they published a guide to doing business on Twitter. To that point the most definitive publication was from Mashable. So you would think that with Facebook crossing 600 million users and already doing serious commerce (but looking to do more) would have published something quite similar. If it is there, I have yet to find it, so I ask…Where is the Facebook Guide for Business?I certainly can get a decent overview of how to use Facebook advertising if I start diving into actually buying some but what about the beginner’s guide for just how to set up your Facebook business page? How about the most efficient ways for gaining and keeping people who “like” your brand? When you do have people who “like” you, what do you do with them? As Jay Baer points out, most businesses have no clue what their doing with their fan pages.

If Facebook wants to help small businesses understand how to use it as more than a place to collect “fans” it would really help for Facebook to follow Twitter’s lead on this one and put together some sort of guide to doing business there. There are plenty of people who have published their own resources and some very good ones but really in the absence of anything official from Facebook itself.

For those who do want some direction in building a business page on Facebook and successfully marketing via the same channel I would recommend starting with this guide from Mashable and then checking out some of the resources available via Hubspot and MProfs.

If you have other resources I should know about or I am completely blind to something from Facebook please let me know.

Your comments and tweets are appreciated.

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